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Sometimes I hate old ladies… The fact that they’re so judgemental. Ok so I’m not thin but doesn’t mean that they can say stuff like ‘oh how much do you weigh must be over a hundred does it not hurt to walk with all that weight on’ if that’s your opinion at least don’t say it to my face. It’s note like I don’t know about my weight. It’s not like I don’t think about it everything I avoid looking in the mirror. So I smile and wave it off but now I’ll be thinking about it and it fucking hurts.


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Thank you, except my birthday got ruined so (:

The last year of my teens here I come… Next year today I’ll be climbing into my third decade. How time flies…


The Avengers


don’t you deserve to be saved?

Castiel + one-liners


Jensen Ackles arrives back in Vancouver (June 25)

The forces upon us either draw us together or tear me apart. Supernatural Art Interpretations: 5/∞: The Living Stool by Alejandrina Herrera

Make me choose

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You lied to me…